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Tuesday, 24 January 2017
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Federal Capital Territory › Abuja
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Ebonyi › Amachi
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Enugu › Abor
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Bayelsa › Abobiri
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Federal Capital Territory › Asokoro
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Federal Capital Territory › Ankuru
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Rivers › Port Harcourt
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Rivers › Port Harcourt
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Rivers › Port Harcourt
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Kwara › Adinimole
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Rivers › Abaji Okolo
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Rivers › Port Harcourt
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Edo › Adeyanba
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Cross River › Aba-Isu
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Enugu › Abo Ogugu
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Lagos › Abomiti
  Mr. Samuel is rich and need a tough guy to handle him +2348154698259
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Zamfara › Akobola
  Mr. George need a tough guy to handle him +2348154698259
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Kebbi › Afka
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Rivers › Port Harcourt
  Strnog gay mate in town
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Oyo › Aba Oku
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Ebonyi › Abofifia
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Benue › Abagi
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Lagos › Aba-Oriyanrin
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Abia › Aba
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Niger › Abeokuta
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Abia › Aba
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Abia › Aba Nkomini
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Niger › Abefa
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Anambra › Abatete
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Adamawa › Abagu
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